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Various rhythms in milonguero style (close embrace)
Notice the double time rocking steps (two steps to 1 beat of music. ) Here I am counting 2 beats to one measure of music.

Notice how he often does 6 7 8 of the basic and adds an extra side together step after #8 of basic.

Notice how he changes the rhtym, sometimes dancing double time (2 steps to one beat) and sometimes holding a step for 2 beats.

Ocho Cortado means an ocho that is cut.
Notice that the leader sometimes crosses behind when follower crosses left of right. He uncrosses and starts to lead her to an ocho, but then brings her back to the cross.

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Comment by Phil on January 5, 2011 at 1:56pm


Thanks for your insightful comment. I'll definitely concentrate more on my upper torso and chest from now on after reading your comment. 

Comment by Migdalia Romero on January 5, 2011 at 8:23am

So often when learning a move, teachers and students focus on the feet and on the beat - both of which are important in dancing and leading.  However, in tango so much of the lead comes from the chest and yet it is the feet that bystanders look at.  The upper torso of the dancer tells me more and this dancer's use of his chest exemplifies its importance in directing a woman's movement.  

Migdalia Romero

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