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Ochos with Sacadas in Argentine tango

This is lesson for experienced tango dancers. If you are a beginner at Argentine tango, please click here for a beginning lesson.

In this Argentine tango tutorial, I show an instructional video by Oswaldo and Morra on Ochos with Sacadas and clarify an important point that is easy to overlook.

To do this Argentine tango dance figure, start by doing the first 3 steps of the 8-count basic.  (If you don't know the 8-count basic in Argentine tango, I suggest you study and learn it ....)
After count 3 of the traditional tango basic, the leader breaks from the basic step by crossing his left foot over his right. He changes weight putting weight onto his left foot.
The follower dances as if she is doing a regular 8-count basic, so she steps back after count 3 as if going into count 4 of the basic.  Then she crosses left over right as in count 5 of the 8-count basic. 

At this time both leader and follower have left foot crossed over right. (See photo below.)

Both with Left Crossed Over Right



Next the leader leads a forward ocho to his right side and steps forward with his right foot such that the follower gently brushes her left foot over leader's right as she steps forward with her right.
He then continues with leading a forward ocho back to his left side as he steps forward with his left foot.  The leader leads 5 such forward ochos.  Then he ends the pattern by stepping side with his left foot. As he does this the follower ends the forward ochos by dancing to the cross.  The couple then resolves the pattern with 6, 7, 8 of the basic.


Now here's the video:  Take a look and see if you can identify the key points I described.



Progress Check

1. Are the first 5 steps for the follower the same as in the basic?  (if not, explain)
2. Are the first 5 steps for the leader the same as in the basic?  (if not, explain)
3. Which foot does the leader step with when leading the first forward ocho?

4. How many ochos does the leader lead?  How does he end the series of ochos?

Check your answer below the dotted line.

- - - -

1. For the follower, the first 5 steps are the same as in the basic.

2. The leader does not step forward on count 4 as in the basic,  instead he crosses left over right. He hold this position until the follower crosses left over right.

3. When leading the forward ocho, the leader steps forward with his right foot as follower also steps forward with her right foot.
4. The leader leads 5 ochos and then ends by stepping side left.


Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.  Try it out on the dance floor and let me know what you think!
Please comment below!
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