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Ocho Cortado is a cute rhythmical step useful in crowded dance floors. It has a Quick-Quick Slow, Quick-Quick Slow rhythm.

Abbreviated as: QQS QQS.  It may be counted  1& 2 3& 4.  Notice that the even counts are slow.


1. (QUICK) See Photo above. The Ocho Cortado starts with a rock step when the leader is coming forward on his left foot. Leader is in white pants!

 - - -


& (Second Quick) On the second quick of the rock step, the leader replaces
weight to his right foot. He may hook the right foot slightly to 5th position.
(right toe to left heel. In photo above leader is not doing this.) On the second quick
of the rock step the follower replaces replaces her weight back on her left foot.

- - -


2. (SLOW) The leader steps back onto his left foot.

The follower steps forward with her right foot. (See photo above.) I labeled follower's feet

R for right and L for left since it's hard to tell with her black pants!



Next comes 3&  4 (QQS)



3. (Quick) 

Follower: Side left (as if continuing a molinete)

Leader may step side with right foot.

- - -


& (of 3) (Quick)

Follower replace weight to right foot and starts to pivot to left.(pivoting can be seen in video below and

is not shown here in this still out-take from the video.

Leader replaces weight to left foot.

- - -



4. (SLOW) Follower crosses left foot over right (coming back in line with parter).
Leader turns to left and replaces weight on right foot.


Take a look at the video below and notice the QQS QQS rhythm.


- - -

In this video the leader steps out to Position #2 of the 8 count basic, skipping position #1. Then he steps to position #3, outside partner right.  At position #4 as he steps forward with his left foot, he starts into the Ocho Cortado.


Once you have mastered the basic Ocho Cortado, you may want to try some variations. 

- - -

Warmest regards, and tango hugs.

Phil Seyer
Argentine tango dance instructor. 



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