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Argentine Tango steps for beginners

There are lots of free videos to explore on this website, but I thought it might be helpful to list those helpful to beginners along with some comments. Beware of getting locked into doing these steps over and over exactly as demonstrated in these lessons. Argentine tango is all about improvisation and these videos, while helpful, don't really teach improvisation.  Some beginning classes teach the Eight Count Basic. Keep in mind that this is just one approach to learning tango.


Walking In Place, Progressing & Walking to the Cross

Here's a blog with videos that will get you started dancing tango right away. The approach shown in this blog does not involve the Eight Count Basic. To view this blog click the following link: Walking in Place, Progressing and Walking to the Cross


Eight Count Basic

These videos teach the classic 8-count basic. Be aware that many experienced tango dancers omit the first back step because stepping backwards can be dangerous! It's to easy too step on someone behind you.

8 count basic - click here

8 count basic with molinete
Here's another look at the 8 count basic as taught by instructors from England.
The English are extremely precise. The weakness is the danger of being too precise and locked into one way of dancing tango.

forward ochos
A good introduction to foward ochos. Notice how the instructor stresses the importance of keeping ones feet on the floor while doing the ochos.

back ochos

molinete, Lapiz

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Comment by Olga on August 31, 2010 at 4:43pm
It is interesting to see that Lapiz considered to be a beginner's move :)
Comment by Anita Melody on October 31, 2009 at 1:20pm
The argentine-tango-beginning has been "removed by the user", but the other videos were very helpful. Thanks.

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